we're most proud of our couples and their uniqueness.

We know, we know, it sounds so motherly, but we take a ton of pride in our couples (YOU!) being people who know what you want and you go out and get it!  Our couples are smart, open, and fun to be around.  I always brag that we have the best couples.  It's true.  And when we deliver an awesome film and receive the kindest, most beautifully worded testimonials from our couples, we're reminded of just how dang sweet you are...and how much we really care about you.  It's never been "just business."  It's always been personal.  

okay, so....who is this mushy-gushy pile of love?  

Leslee Layton Films is a handpicked team of genuinely caring and talented videographers.  The company is owned by Leslee Layton, one of Oklahoma's only full-time cinematographers. That means that you get lots of personalized time and attention.  We've been in business for 5 years and we've shot over 100 weddings.  We're fully licensed to shoot aerial "drone" cinema and we are insured for all we do.

We're also real people just like you.  here's some randomness to make you laugh.


The original.  Leslee started this company over 5 years ago.  Back then she was an elementary school curriculum specialist.  She grew up on a ranch and can teach you how to castrate a bull, but her faves are the finer things in life like music theatre and art.

LARGE  LLF Team 2017-33.jpg


Ashley is a UCO student and a former Disney World employee. She is the oldest of 4 siblings, she loves cats and concerts.  She's also fun to follow on social media because she always posts the funniest videos and memes.  You know that friend.  We all have one.

LARGE  LLF Team 2017-29.jpg


Haley is LLF's most vetted team member. She's been with us since Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark.  She is also a former Native American Princess, a YouTube makeup tutorial fan, and a helluva good dancer.


Anna is a Distance Learning Specialist at a community college and a virtual teacher. She’s a terrific Mom, but has so many kids she loses them in the store sometimes. They always manage to show back up at dinnertime. One of Anna's favorite movies is “Gone With the Wind”, and she secretly has a crush on Rhett Butler. 


Welch, as we call him, is our Cali dude who moved here to God's country a few years back.  He's a pro drummer and CAD drafter. He is also the former proud owner of a glorious white guy afro. 

LARGE  LLF Team 2017-25.jpg


Hilary is Welch's better half. She creates the most beautiful hand lettering.  She loves cooking and being a mommy.  Hilary says that in her glory days she played bass guitar, piano, and she sang.  This gives me ideas for the next LLF team retreat...karaoke, we're coming for you!

LARGE  LLF Team 2017-15.jpg


Chasen is Leslee's bestie love and the owner of OK's best DJs, PartyBox! Chasen is a licensed pilot and also flies drone for LLF. Chasen can do a legit British accent and has the uncanny ability to recall the date of every wedding he's ever emceed.

team STATS!

Total # of kids: 14.  4 girls.  10 boys.

Random Talents: Funny Pickup Lines (you'll never guess who), Tennis, Dance, Piano, Cooking, Calligraphy, Trombone, Drums, Clarinet, Euphonium

Total # of drunken groomsmen caught on tape: Countless