Nhu and Nathan have a strong faith, a tender love for each other, and a completely insane ability to throw a great party with the help of Rebecca Thai of Bespoke Events.  Wow!  We started bright and early with Holly Gannett Photography at both the bride's parent's home and the groom's parent's home to capture the preparations and the tea ceremony.  Next, they tied the knot with a ceremony at St. Andrew Dung Lac Catholic Church before partying harder than we've ever been partied with at Hy Palace Asian Restaurant with entertainment by IVINA.  The floral was breathtaking, the balloons were whimsical and fun, but our favorite part was the absolute rave of a dance floor.   Laughter, singing...grandpa was even tapping on his Heiniken with a soup spoon while grandma danced with all the young ladies.  This is what a family celebration looks like!  Congratulations Nhu and Nathan!

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.29.38 AM.png