Warning: You’re gonna want to read this, even if you’re like me and sometimes you don’t read the card before you open the gift. 
“You don’t see this often. Only in Osage County,” said the goat roping caller. I reckon truer words have never been spoken. Only at a ranch wedding in Oklahoma do you have rifle shots in the background of the officiant’s message and it doesn’t even ruffle the bride. Instead, she pumps her fist and says, “Yesss!” Oh, and I’ve never seen a couple be so perfectly dandy with an absolute downpour of Oklahoma rain. Lauren literally tied her train in a knot and dragged it through the mud to rope a goat. Now is the perfect time for me to tell you why I love Lauren and Brad so much. It’s their authenticity. Lauren has a beautifully real moment when she finishes putting her dress and boots on and says, “Holy $@#! This is the first time I’ve really felt like a bride.” I texted Lauren yesterday asking if she is okay with me including that clip in this film. Her response: “Oh yeah, that’s absolutely fine! 100% me. I really tried to keep it PG while you guys were filming.” Can I please have an entire calendar full of Laurens?? Let’s talk about Brad now. It’s a good thing Lauren found him when she did because this man is a catch, ladies! He is laid back and approachable, quick to smile and laugh, looks at Lauren with the eyes of a man who has fallen hard, AND he’s a great dad. Lauren and Brad both know they are lucky to have found each other. Their personal vows were so chock full of epic sound bites like this one: “Many times you’ve asked me, ‘Why are you so good to me?’ I will answer you again. Love begets love. Your kindness and care radiates back through me and our love and comfort towards each other flourishes.” Something tells me that these two will be front porch cuddling when they’re 90 years old. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Meador! Big loves to Terron Liles for being the only wedding planner I know with the personal background to pull off this vision perfectly AND to execute it flawlessly on the day-of, even with a massive rain storm looming and eventually breaking loose. And to my championship film crew, Glidecam master props to Welch for getting up close and personal with the livestock and always getting the shot, to Chasen for the smooth-like-buttah aerials, and to Anna for sloshing through the mud with me while laughing our soggy buns off at the ridiculously time-consuming Oklahoma flag shot. It made the cut, girl! Darn tootin’!
Planning and coordination: Terron Liles
Cinematography: Leslee Layton Films
Photography: Valerie Sebestyen Photography
Floral: Crooked Roots Design
Cake: A Sweet Success
Catering: Snyder's Chicken and Catering
Music: "Better Love" and "Red Fire Night" by Green River Ordinance licensed by Musicbed and "Big Red Pick-Up" by Mobei, licensed by Songfreedom