“I’ve got one thing going for me, and that’s love.  Endless amounts of love for you.  Love that I will show you every second of every day for the rest of my life.  Monday morning?  Boom.  Love.  A Jim and Pam, Sleepless In Seattle, Ana and Christian kind of endless fairy tale love.” Does it get any better than that?  Kassidy and Tiffany’s letters to each other were perfection.  They brought that same kind of attention and heart to their entire day.  The positive energy of their wedding day was so contagious that I found myself laughing and crying off and on throughout the day as if I’d known these two ladies my entire life and been part of their love from the beginning.  I think everyone in attendance felt welcomed into their story.  It’s fairly easy to create a wedding day with a beautiful aesthetic, but it takes intentionality and vulnerability to create a wedding day with a beautiful energy.  I’ve never seen it done better.  Tiffany and Kassidy, my heart and my respect goes out to you.  Thank you for bringing us along to share in your story.

Wedding Videographer: Leslee Layton Films
Photography: Maiigo
Venue: Skirvin Hilton

DJ: PartyBox 

Floral: Rootstalk Floral
Kassidy’s Party Hair and Makeup: Ashley Tolman Beauty and Julie Dodson
Tiffany’s Party Hair and Makeup: Thairapy Lounge Salon

Tiffany's Gown: Linh’s Bridal

Kassidy's Suit: J. Hilburn

Cake: You Need A Cake

Rings: Susan Saffron Jewelry Boutique

Rentals: Factor 110

Pianist: David Anderson
Stationery: Minted

 Music: “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” by Lion Heart, licensed through SongFreedom

“Forever Starts Today” by Flux, licensed through Soundstripe

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