Pop-Up Video Wedding Edition: Behind the Scenes of Hayley and Brandon's Wedding

Raise your hand if you're a 90s kids who remembers Pop-Up Video on VH1.

Yeah, baby!! Welcome to Pop-Up Video Wedding Edition! It's a behind-the-scenes look at Hayley and Brandon's wedding at Sweetbelle Farms.

Our bride, Hayley, was a super great sport to indulge me in this crazy idea. You'll see lots of Hayley's own comments throughout this video; insight into her wedding plans, her relationships to the wedding party, and the unexpected bumps in the road.

You'll also see my own commentary on the day-of shooting as well as what went into the edit.

My hope is that you'll feel like you have a backstage pass as you watch this video. Maybe you'll even feel relief knowing that everything doesn't have to go perfectly (hello tornado sirens!) to have a perfect wedding day.

Want to see the original un-Pop-Up Video version of this wedding video? Click here!

Leslee LaytonComment